Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Went back to my neurologist again.  Had to schedule the appointment to get the Gabapentin refill, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen her and I’m 5 month post-op so it seems 15-20 headache days a month is going to be the standard. 
For someone who used to 30-31 headache days a month 20 feels like an improvement.  18 feels like great and 15 feels like a new life!  But it’s still too many.  It’s still not normal.  It’s still not ideal. 
I met with Dr Williams and she still has lots of ideas.  How refreshing to be seeing a doctor for over 3 years and she’s still got plenty in her arsenal.
We were discussing what I have and haven’t tried and she asked, almost rhetorically, “And you’ve tried Lyrica?”  I said, “I haven’t.”  She seemed a bit surprised.  So I’m swapping out Gabapentin to try Lyrica. 

The effects? My sleep is better.  It's not nearly as difficult to come out of sleep on Lyrica then it was on Gabapentin.  But the headache frequency is the same.
We've known for a little while now that some of the headaches, or at least their severity, are effected by my menstrual cycle.  Now that I'm closer to a 15 or so day headache month it's even more obvious that they are effected by my menstrual cycle so there has been some talk of stopping that.  Maybe that will be next on the list. 

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